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Reverend Dr. O'Neal Dozier

Our Pastor is the fourth of eleven children, was born on September 3, 1948 to sharecroppers Annie Dozier and the late Jessie Emmanuel Dozier.  In 1955, his family left South Carolina and came to Pompano Beach, Florida on a migrant farm bus.  Rev. Dozier went on to graduate from Blanche Ely High School in 1967, where he was a soloist in the Chorale and a member of the Football and Basketball Team.


Rev. O’Neal Dozier received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion and Philosophy from Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida.  He  played professional football in the National Football League for the Chicago Bears during the 1974 football season and was later traded to the New York Jets, where he was subsequently waived because of injury.  Additionally, Rev. Dozier was a player/coach during the 1979 football season for the Alabama Vulcans (Birmingham, Alabama) of the American Football Association Professional Football League (A.F.A.).

Rev. Dozier served two consecutive terms in the United States Army.  On his second tour of duty in Germany, he served as Head Football Coach of the Ansbach American High School Championship football team  during the 1976 football season. where he participated in and won several European body building contests.


Rev. Dozier later received a Doctor of Jurisprudence (Law Degree) from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, Georgia. He also attended the Morehouse School of Religion Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia and later received a Doctor of Theology Degree from Messiah Theological Seminary. In addition, to his earned degrees, Rev. Dozier received an honorary Ph.D of Theology from Maranatha Christian University.  He has been a licensed minister of the Gospel since 1975 and was ordained as a Baptist Minister of the Gospel in 1983.  He founded The Worldwide Christian Center Church on July 18, 1985, where he continues to serve as Pastor.


Rev. Dozier was a Professor of Law at Broward Community College and the Criminal Justice Institute of Broward Community College for three years.  In 2001, Governor Bush appointed Rev. O’Neal Dozier for a two-year term to the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission, which screens and interviews applicants for Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Judgeships. In July, 2003, Governor Bush re-appointed Rev. Dozier to the same commission for an additional four-year term.  He was called upon by the campaign team of Governor Jeb Bush to campaign for Governor Bush during his 2002 bid to recapture the Governorship of the state of Florida.  In 2005 Governor Bush appointed Rev. Dozier to the Board of Directors of One Church, One Child of Florida, Inc. (adoption program).  He was also a member of Governor Charlie Crist’s official 2006 campaign team. 


In 2004, Rev. Dozier was asked by the Bush-Cheney Campaign Committee to campaign and to do several radio campaign advertisements for President George W. Bush against then Presidential candidate John Kerry, which aided in garnishing a record-breaking percentage of the black vote in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties.  In January of 2005, President George W. Bush invited Rev. Dozier to the White House for a private meeting with President Bush and twenty-three (23) other Black African American Leaders.  In May of 2005, Rev. Dozier was invited for a private meeting with Dr. Condoleeza Rice along with twenty-three (23) other African-American Leaders to discuss the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa among other issues. Also, In July of 2005, President Bush invited Rev. Dozier again to the White House for a private meeting with President Bush and a few other African American Leaders to discuss the results of the G-8 Summit held in July, 2005 as it relates to Africa.  Rev. Dozier was also a part of a Clergy Advisory group which advised President Bush on various National & International issues. 


In 2005 and 2006 Rev. Dozier was under contract as a panelist on NPR’s News and Notes Roundtable hosted by Emmy-award winning Journalist, Ed Gordon. He is also a member of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC).  Rev. Dozier was honored to be chosen as a speaker for The Reclaiming America For Christ 2003 and 2005 Conferences hosted by Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where Dr. D. James Kennedy was the Senior Pastor.  In 2008, Rev. Dozier authored his first book entitled “Who’s On The Lord’s Side Politically”.  Also, Rev. Dozier has been and continues to do numerous radio and television interviews across the nation discussing the political and social issues of the day.


Rev. Dozier is married to Leketia Barner Dozier, Esq. who is a licensed attorney in Broward County. He is the father of three daughters; Adrienne Unae, Tarakiki, and Marilita. He has one son named Anthony and has two grandchildren; Tarae and Rahmeaun.

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